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Junio 17, 2014

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November 19, 2014

National Coalition of Latino Clergy
& Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)

For Immediate Attention
Contact: Rev. Miguel Rivera
(202) 615-7444
August 21, 2008

National Latino Evangelical Pastors and Christian Leaders are dissapointed with Senator Barack Obama

WASHINGTON, DC- Members of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), the largest latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, who participated at a "conference-call meeting" with Senator Barack Obama yesterday, were very concerned that, "Senator Obama demonstrated no understanding of the Latino Evangelical Church when seeking our support", says the Rev. Kittim Silva, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and a member of Radio Vision Cristiana, a powerful latino christian radio station in the New York metro area.

During the call-conference, there was no mention by Senator Obama, addressing issues of profound concern to the hispanic evangelicals, such as traditional social values, family and parenting initiatives, moral fundamentals regarding life and the unborn children, nor issues related the assurance that, if he (Senator Obama) is elected President, Faith and Public Policy will remain as an important ingredient of "his decision making process".

"The latino evangelical church as many other ethnic christian religious groups in America, are traditional conservative oriented, based on strong Biblical tenants, and for us to provide support to a Presidential Candidate, we need to be assured that, Faith, Prayer and Moral standing, are values that a President of the United States will be proud of and support", says also the Reverend Antonio Mansogo, President of the Georgia Hispanic Clergy and Pastor's Association (CEPMA) and a members of the CONLAMIC Executive Committee.

During the Civic Forum sponsored by the Saddleback Baptist Church from Lake Forest, California and with Pastor Rick Warren as host for such event, Senator Obama appeared, less than candid, nor quite clear, on his moral principles with regard to life issues and how to combat and defeat evil.

Over 73% of latino church TV viewers, were disappointed with Senator Obama's performance, as revealed by a CONLAMIC (non-scientific) poll, which was conducted as of this Monday during the daily live radio show known as, CONLAMIC Informa, (WWGB-AM Radio in Washington DC) hosted by the Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the National Coaliton of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, Board of Directors.

"Many of our radio show listeners were concerned that, Senator Obama came thru as, too elitist on his approach to every question, and less values oriented, while addressing the questions ask, during such an unprecedented media event", says the Rev. Rivera.

"Words of rejection to and Associate Justice, Honorable Clarence Thomas, Member of the United States Supreme Court and a fellow african-american leader, was also seen as a lack of integrity and contempt, toward a great "american hero", that serves as one of the best role models that all black and latino children can emulate and truly respect", says als the Rev. Rivera referring to Senator Obama's distorted opinion, broadcast all around the Country by the major news cable tv stations.

"Such comments against Justice Thomas, were not warranted and their only purpose was to score political points with those who wants to bring back 30 years of an activist and liberal judicial decisions, that are main factor for many of the moral and cultural conflicts that the American people are as of this day, enduring", said also the Rev. Santiago Panzardi, President of the Central Florida Hispanic Clergy Association and a CONLAMIC Executive Committee, Member.

CONLAMIC National Board of Directors, will convene on the 25th of September for its Annual Conference, where a vote for endorsement of one of both Presidential Candidates, is expected.